Window Washers Left Dangling 71 Stories High in 1,100-Foot-Tall Tower After Scaffolding Snapped


Firefighters in Houston were quick to respond to a distress call alarming them of two window washers dangling 71 stories high in the JPMorgan Chase Tower. The said building is known to be the tallest in the area.

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The window washers fortunately had their safety straps still on as they waited to be rescued. But it did not shake off the fear that the situation was causing them. The cause of the mishap was when a platform motor cut out before part of the scaffolding gave up, causing it to hang at a 45-degree angle.

It took about an hour for the firefighters to reach the cleaners and pull them out of harm’s way. Horrified onlookers were watching the drama unfold from below, but thanks to the rescuers’ quick response, there were no known injuries.

ABC News reports that the motor malfunctioned when the platform reached the 71st floor. Unscathed but clearly shaken, the window washers, both working for a private company, have not given their account of what happened.

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