Woman Asks Firefighters to Help Remove Her Chastity Belt After She Loses Its Key


According to reports from a local Italian paper Il Messaggero, a 60-year-old woman came to a fire station requesting for help to open her chastity belt because she lost her keys to it.

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At first, the firefighters from Northern Padua thought the woman just got locked out of her room so the woman raised her cardigan and showed them the iron belt. The firefighters moved to help her remove the device.


The men investigated if she’s a victim of sexual or domestic assault; however, the middle-aged woman assured them that she’s not a victim but rather, she’s afraid it might happen to her as several incidents of sexual violence in the area have been reported.

The woman, who cannot be named because for the sake of privacy, said that she had searched everywhere for the keys but wasn’t able to find it; that’s why she went to the Veneto fire station to ask for them to cut the belt’s lock.


She also added that aside from her fear of being sexually abused, her decision to wear the “armored bikini” was also her way to prevent herself from entering into a sexual relationship.


The woman’s wearing of the chastity belt caused bafflement to the firefighters since the unusual device is something that doesn’t belong to the modern times.

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