French Woman Claims Her Husband Sold Her to 2,700 Men and Made $180,000 from It


This story of human trafficking is a terrifying one because it hits so close to home.

A 46-year-old woman from France has come forward in an interview with Le Parisien with accusations against her 54-year-old husband. In her claim, she says that the man forced her to do prostitution, soliciting money to more than 2,700 men in exchange for sex. He is said to have gained more than $176,000 for his actions.

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The woman said that it started into their fourth year together, she got pregnant and somehow met a lot of financial problems along the way. It was her husband who came up with the idea of selling his wife to men. He quickly got on with the work, advertising online and managed the customers through exchanging texts and emails.

His wife has admitted in agreeing to pursue such actions out of desperation. She met their customers in the couple’s own home and all the encounters occurred there. The woman even said that as many as three customers showed up in a day.


The husband was said to take their five-year-old son outside in the car whenever these illegal “transactions” happened. As to why the woman had not called out for help can be explained with the fear he had instilled upon her.

Deputy prosecutor Emmanuel Dupic told The Independent that the woman’s husband manipulated the woman psychologically. He has also gone to say that she has suffered deep emotional trauma because most of the men have given violent sexual requests.


As soon as the woman voiced out her request to step away from prostitution, the man became extremely angry. He not only physically abused her but repeatedly threatened her if she ever left.


Authorities have since arrested the man for his crimes, although there is no word yet on where their son is currently living or what the outcome of the case is. As for the woman, she is just happy that her ordeal is over.

In her words, “I feel liberated, but also I know the hardest part is waiting for me. I face eviction for unpaid rent and I have lots of other debts.”

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