Woman Drops Her Baby on a Pavement so She Can Engage in a Brawl


A woman was caught on cam dropping her baby so she could engage in a crazy brawl.

It happened in a housing estate in the United States. The two women were having an altercation that end up in a brawl. They started grabbing each other and traded punches.

The woman released the baby she’s carrying without bothering to see whether the baby landed on her back or head first in the concrete.

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The little girl is dropped from the woman’s waist to the ground with a thud, just so she can throw better punches. On the background, one can be heard shouting “Get that baby!”

The reason of the women’s feud is not known.

What is heartbreaking is the fact that the audience are more interested watching the two fight than checking if the toddler is injured.

The crowd can be heard reacting to who punched and who got punched, shouting at the brawlers.

The two combatant are so ferocious that even when they move toward a street post, they just continue fighting around it.

After what seems like a long time but actually under a minute, the fight ends and the two just walk away like nothing happened.

It’s not known what the effect the fall had on the toddler.

Watch the video below

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