Busted: Woman Fakes Disability to Deceive NYC Pedestrians into Giving Her Donations – Amazing Video


American news magazine Inside Edition was able to expose a shameful fraud posing as a beggar in New York’s wealthy Fifth Avenue.

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The woman with a tear-streaked face and a bent-over back has successfully caught the attention of wealthy pedestrians around the stylish district. She received numerous tax-free donations each day, but little did she know that the news crew had been quietly observing her.



Turned out, the woman wasn’t disabled at all. In fact she could drive a car, walk straight, and would even go out shopping with her friends! Her scamming ways had so far gone unnoticed as she continuously relished in the sympathy of people. As one of the producers posing undercover asked how she broke her back, the woman told him that she got into an accident.


When Inside Edition news anchor Lisa Guerrero approached her, the bogus beggar never broke character. She refused to give a statement even when confronted about the crutches she used as a prop for her scam.

Fraudulent acts have risen over the years especially with the growing economic crisis, so to ensure that your money goes to deserving people, better donate to credited charities instead.

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