Woman Has Been Raped 43,200 Times …Find Out How She Escaped!

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At the age of 12, a young girl from a broken family was taken care of and groomed by an old man. He showered her with gifts and love. But what she didn’t expect was that he was planning to turn her into a prostitute.

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Because her mother abandoned her, Karla Jacinto felt happy when she finally met a boyfriend.


Unfortunately, after living with the man for a short span of time, she was ordered to work as a prostitute. Every day, she was forced to meet 30 clients, working at a hotel that is notorious for prostitution.


One day, 30 police officers raided the hotel and requested all the clients to leave. At that time, she thought it was the time she was waiting for.

Sad to say, the officers just made a deal with the owners of the place. After the negotiation, she and the other girls were ordered to offer their services to the officers.


At first, she recalled that the police officers took sexy photos and videos of them. They were then threatened that if they did not do as they were told, their photos will be sent to their respective families.


Although the girls told the officers they were minors, it seemed that they did not even care. In fact, they stayed there for more than 3 hours.



For four years, she was forcefully pimped out. She was asked to keep track of all her clients, which included judges, police officers, and priests.


Overall, she was raped by about 43,200 men. According to reports, her pimp, who abused her lots of times, got her pregnant. At 15, she gave birth to a baby girl.


A month after giving birth, her baby was taken away from her. She didn’t see her baby since then until the child turned more than a year old.


Four years after, one of her longtime clients felt pity on her. She was then rescued and brought to a shelter.

Jacinto is now 22 years old and became an activist who helps those girls who, like her, have experienced cruelty and harassment in their younger and vulnerable years.


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