Woman Hops Tiger Fence, Putting Her Life in Danger, Just to Retrieve Her Hat


When you go visit a zoo, probably the most important thing you’ll keep in mind is not to get too close to the animals and to make sure you don’t violate any rule. However, there is always someone out there who isn’t very good at following instructions.

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In a shocking turn of events, a woman suddenly decides to jump over a tiger fence at a zoo in Toronto. And the reason why she did so will make you think that she’s a complete moron.

The woman, who appears to be young, put her life in danger in order to retrieve a hat that she dropped over the edge.

In a video uploaded on YouTube, while the woman retrieves the hat, the tiger can be seen pacing around her as it begins to be agitated by the unfamiliar presence. The woman then climbs back up with the item in her hand. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t going to get away with what she did.

The woman is then confronted by a man, who tells her, “You’re a moron, and you’re a bad example to everyone else’s kids.” However, the video abruptly ends as the confrontation begins so it is unclear how quarrel ended.

Toronto Zoo spokesperson, Jennifer Tracey, reported that she was totally unaware of the incident until she saw the YouTube video. She said, “It was very irresponsible of this individual to jump over the boardwalk and [she] could have easily injured herself by exciting the animal in this way. The situation could have been much worse.”

She also added that they are now looking for witnesses to help explain what really happened. The zoo plans to add zookeepers in that section to watch several pens at the same time.

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