Woman receives $284 billion electricity bill

Woman Stunned to See $284 Billion Electricity Bill


What could you do with $284 billion? You could probably buy unlimited time with your favorite celebrity with that, or perhaps you could buy a whole village and have your relatives spend the rest of their lives there for free. But imagine having to spend exactly that whopping amount solely on electricity? But that’s exactly what happened to this Pennsylvania woman.

Woman Shocked to Receive $284 Billion Electricity Bill

It was not unusual for housewife Mary Horomanski to receive an electricity bill that is higher than expected, but it was certainly unusual for her to be asked to settle a $284 billion electricity bill.

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In December 2017, Mary Horomanski from Erie, Pennsylvania, decided to check her bill online only to be left in shock by a bill that had at least twelve digits in it.

“My eyes just about popped out of my head. We had put ip Christmas lights and I wondered if we had put them up wrong,” Horomanski recalled. “it wasn’t due until November of 2018. it was, like, well, I guess we have a year to come up with this billion-dollar bill.”

When her husband and children saw her shocked expression, they began asking her if she was okay.

“I’m looking around the room and they’re looking at me now ’cause I’ve got this funny look on my face. When you see something like that, your heart starts beating, you break out into a little sweat, like, ‘What on Earth just happened?’”

Still adamant to believe that she had to pay a bill that was more than the national debts of Nigeria, Peru, Venezuela, and Iceland combined, the 58-year-old immediately contacted her son who then called Penelec, the Horomanski residence’s power provider.

The bill turned out to be erroneous, thankfully, and the family had to pay only $284.46.

Mark Durbin, First Energy’s, Penelec’s parent company, spokesperson, said he himself had no idea what caused the error. He said, “I can’t recall ever seeing a bill for billions of dollars. We appreciate the customer’s willingness to reach out to us about the mistake.”

The $284.46 bill was still higher than the previous month’s, but it gave Horomanski a reason to breathe a sigh of relief. At least, she did not have to pay an amount that could have bought her and her family the whole Netflix or perhaps Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook—with some change to spare.

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