Woman Tosses Her Baby on Bus to Confront Passenger Who ‘Disrespected’ Her


Video footage shows a woman throwing away her kid  in order to fight another passenger inside a bus. She professed that the passenger “disrespected her in front of her baby,” which is why she began her assault.

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At the start of the video, it’s shown that the two commuters were already in a nasty quarrel. The innocent child didn’t care about the squabble and was just minding its own business.

baby3 baby4

The woman holding the child was furious and shouted at the lady, whom she said was disrespecting her in front of her baby. After a few seconds, she roughly handed the kid to a shocked passenger before lunging against her disputant.

baby5 baby2

The bus driver stopped the vehicle and called the police, but the woman already vanished before the driver made the call.

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