What Women Go Through in NYC Everyday

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Cat calls and giving unsolicited comments to women in public places is something you shouldn’t be surprised of and is something that should rather be expected. In fact, this sad reality has gone beyond limits and was even captured by a woman as she walked along the streets of Manhattan for 10 hours.

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Shoshana Roberts, a 24-year-old aspiring actress, walked in the streets of Manhattan wearing jeans and crew-neck t-shirt. The unwanted comments and cat calls were picked up by two microphones that Roberts was holding in her hand. At the same time, Rob Bliss walked in front and filmed her using a camera that is hidden in his backpack.

As Roberts strolled around the city, she has been filmed being catcalled over 100 times. Within the 10-hour period, she received lots of unwanted and rude comments, including, “Hey baby,” “Damn,” “Hey beautiful,” and “Have a nice evening darling.”






Aside from these comments, she was followed by a few men for a couple of minutes. One was even asking her “You don’t wanna talk? Because I’m ugly?”


The alarming video was posted on YouTube and Facebook by Roberts herself. In the two-minute video, it is quite obvious that Roberts wasn’t really comfortable as men catcalled her. Along with the clip, she added, “Everyone has a right to feel safe.”

Even if they are just words, but the number of catcalls this woman received is phenomenal. This video must serve as a wake-up call as it demonstrates that what sounds like a typical compliment – is actually not.


Watch Shoshana Roberts as she tapes the everyday harassment that women go through.



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