World’s Oldest Father Welcomes Second Son at 96!


An Indian man has become the world’s oldest father by welcoming a son at the age of 96.

Ramjit Raghav welcomed his first son, Karamjit, at the age of 94. He had originally planned on just one child, but the pensioner and his wife, Shakuntala, 54, welcomed son Ranjit last month.

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Ramjit said having another son was God’s plan for him.

When his wife gave birth in a government hospital, the doctors laughed when Ramjit said he was the father. They were very surprised.

The family lives in a studio apartment, and Ramjit has high hopes for his sons.

He says that he has been a farmer all his life, but he would like his sons to be high-ranking government officials.  He’s happy he has two sons to carry on his family name.

Ramjit says he is proud to have two healthy sons at his age. He believes his neighbors are jealous of his sex drive. He claims that he has intercourse three or four times a night. He says that he thinks it’s important for a husband and wife to have regular intimacy.

Ramjit believes his daily diet of almonds, milk, and butter has maintained his high sex drive.

Ramjit was a widower when he met his second wife, Shakuntala. They met 22 years ago in a Muslim shrine. Ramjit asked her to come home with him, and they have been together ever since. She was alone, and he wanted to help her. He taught her some yoga, and they fell in love. Shakuntala says their age gap doesn’t matter because she loves him and cares for him deeply.

“He doesn’t seem old to me, he can make love like any 25-year-old man, even better because he can go on all night, and he makes a wonderful father,” Shakuntala says of her husband.

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