You Won’t Believe These Laws Where Women Are 2nd Class Citizens

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While most countries have slowly learned to observe equality, there are still many countries where some groups are marginalized because of their religion and gender. Women, in general, suffer the most consequences as they continue to try to fit in the patriarchal societies they belong to. In these communities, rules are mostly in favor of men, and for women, violations of these laws usually results in unthinkable punishments. It’s disheartening, but this is the reality that envelopes the modern world.

What is worse is that no significant move is taken to avert the inhumane punishments, nor is there anyone from the community brave enough to voice out her opinion about abolishing these laws. To further educate yourself, in observance of the Human Rights Day last December 10, let’s take a look into laws implemented across the globe that you won’t believe actually exist:

Maili, Sudan, and Yemen have made it illegal for wives to disobey their husbands

For women in these countries, the law itself is as hostile as the people who are against them.

If women choose not to wear the mandated dress code in Iran, they will be punished

Iranian women as well as females travelling to the country, are required to wear the traditional hijab in public. They even go to the extent of issuing a fine for women who violate these laws.



Six countries legalize marital rape

Despite the public outcry, these countries (which include first-world ones) have made marital rape legal. Singapore is the most shocking entry on the list. The Lion City is not just known for hosting the biggest companies in Information Technology in the world, it is also tagged as one of the most disciplined countries.

Marital rape is only made illegal, if the wife in question is under 13 years old.



In Nicaragua, a married woman’s obligation is to follow her husband wherever he chooses to live

Similar to other parts of the world, women in Nicaragua are forced to conform to laws implemented by men.

Labor laws in Russia for women are limited

In the United States, women have recently been given rights to be appointed to all field positions in the military. Russia, on the other hand, despite the need to increase the number of jobs to address the alarming rate of unemployment, has not given the same type of access to their women.



In Egypt, men who kill wives receive less punishment than other types of murder.

Just as most Islamic countries, a woman’s relevance to a society is only half of that of a man.

Democratic Republic of Congo’s law declares that the husband is the head of the household

This gives the man rights over all the property owned by his wife. There are no words for this, if a woman works hard for her assets, then why should she be at risk of losing them just because a certain “law” imposes so? This is not only a violation of women’s rights, this violates humanity altogether.

Society strongly imposes how stealing is regarded a crime, yet in so many parts of this world, a woman has her rights stolen from her by the minute.



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