10 of the World’s Most Haunted Hotels


Have you ever been scared of the dark? If not, you will surely experience one terrifying night if you stay in any of these haunted hotels. These places are believed to house a variety of ghouls and ghosts, which you never thought existed. And if you are lucky enough to get the creepiest room, you can expect to hear girls weeping and random objects falling down, or maybe witness yourself some other floating apparitions. For sure, these creepy things will be more than enough to keep you wide awake at night.

If you are really after some chills and thrills, below are ten of the world’s most haunted hotels you can visit.

10. Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

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During the World War II, the land where the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, is situated served as a prison camp and execution ground for the Japanese. Because the earth was filled with despair and death, paranormal activities were rumored to have taken place in the modern hotel. Even Jackie Chan revealed he had a creepy experience while he was there, saying that in the middle of the night, he encountered a ghost.

9. Ballygally Castle Hotel Larne, Northern Ireland


For many years, the Ballygally Castle was home to the Shaw Family until it became the property of Cyril Lord, a rich businessman who then expanded and modernized the property. After a few years, it was sold again, and it finally became a hotel.  James Shaw, the husband of Lady Isobel, was among its former residents. Legends say that poor Isobel was imprisoned in belfry, where she starved to death. Since then, Lady Isobel has been a very active presence in the castle. They say she has been frequently appearing to guests and knocking on their doors at odd hours.

8. Le Pavillon Hotel, New Orleans

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In the description provided on the hotel’s website, Le Pavillon Hotel in New Orleans is “a place where guests can instantly conjure the days of genteel luxury, romantic evenings, and glittering nights.” But aside from that, it might also be a place where guests might also rub elbows with the dead. Locals say that the hotel is haunted by five different ghost. Among the five, Adda is the most famous. She reportedly bumps into the visitors in the lobby, claims to be lost, and then vanishes without a trace.

7. Talbot Hotel, Oundle, England

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Despite its colorful history, the Fotheringay Castle was the birthplace of Richard III. It was also the place where Mary Queen of Scots was tied and beheaded. Legend has it that Mary walked down the staircase , where she left marks of a crown using her ring, on the way to her execution. Although she has been dead for four centuries, her soul hasn’t slept since. She has been moving around the castle by changing the position of furniture pieces, as well as her own portrait.

6. Hotel Castello Della Castelluccia, Rome, Italy

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The Castello della Castelluccia is a renovated eleventh-century castle believed to be haunted by supernatural beings. The castle has served as the home to plenty of aristocratic families, which include the Odelskanis, the Mutis, the Orsinis, and Francesco Marconi himself, the operatic tenor. Even if it has a rich history, it is said to be haunted by three ghosts. They say the mad Emperor Nero is possibly the ghost who wanders around the gardens.



5. Queen Mary, California

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The Queen Mary was once the premier ocean liner for many foreign dignitaries and celebrities. But during World War II, it was used as a troopship. When the war was finally over, it permanently docked in Long Beach, California, where it was transformed as a floating hotel. Because lots of people died on the ship, creepy events have been reported here. In the swimming pool, spectral ladies wearing their 1930s bathing suit, are often spotted. Cries of children are heard in the middle of the night. Unlike any other haunted hotels, the Queen Mary welcomes its supernatural residents. They even offer daily ghost tours.

4. Akasaka Weekly Mansion, Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo, Japan, has been the home to spooky folklores, such as the Noppera-b?, a ghastly spirit who looks like a normal person. When it turns to acknowledge you, it suddenly exposes its true self with a completely white face that doesn’t have any features. Akasaka Weekly Mansion is rumored to be the most haunted places in the city. Here, guests have reported ghostly mists, apparitions, and feeling ethereal hands touching them while sleeping.

3. Hotel Chelsea, New York


The Hotel Chelsea was a bohemian landmark, built around 1883 to 1885. Though it was home to a number of musicians, poets, authors, and artists, it has become famous as the place where Sid Vicious, the bassist of Sex Pistols, stabbed his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, to deathBefore the case could be brought to trial, Vicious himself died due to heroin overdose. Also, Dylan Thomas, a poet, was staying at the hotel when he fell into his ill-fated coma. Guests has since reported paranormal phenomena like cold air blowing out of nowhere, light footsteps at night, and lights switching on and off. Locals say that it is possible that the ghosts of Vicious and Thomas have never left the hotel as they have been always spotted wandering the halls.

2. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotels, Banff, Canada

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Found in the Canadian Rockies, the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel reminds us of a beautiful castle out in the wilderness. While the management denies any ghostly activities, still, spooky stories thrive. One of the frequently seen spirits is the bride who allegedly got killed in a tragic incident before walking down the aisle. The other one is Sam McAuley. It is said that he loved the hotel so much that even after his death, he continued to work there.

1. Russell Hotel Sydney, Australia

The Russell Hotel of Australia has its fair share of dark origins. During the British Colony, the hotel served as a hospital for curing fatal outbreaks and plagues. Later on, it became a home to sailors. But it seemed that one of the sailors refused to leave the premises. Guests who have stayed at Room 8 reportedly woke up in the middle of the night only to find a dark presence emerging over the bed and looking down at them. Others said they have seen the ghosts of some prostitutes roaming around the halls.

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