Education Is the Future …But You Might Rethink these Haunted Universities



They say that universities are haunted because of tragic suicide and unexplained deaths that happened inside the building. Others say that it’s because they stand on sites where massive killings took place. Then scary tales keep on coming. Some students who went to these universities experience paranormal things that they didn’t feel before and share their creepy stories to their friends, which these people pass down to the next batch of students, then to the next. Perhaps these stories are true because reports also tell that some incident really happened on the premises. Nevertheless, we believe what we want to believe.

Whatever the true story is behind their construction or what other circumstances these structures have witnessed, these universities have the reputation of being haunted.

Brunel University, London

An isolation hospital for contagious disease is what’s built beneath the ground of Brunel University. Unexplained things have been happening within its grounds, including the incident where a strange man approached male students during the early evening. A woman working as a secretary also accounts that she saw a young girl in a hospital gown running down the corridor inside the campus’s St. John’s Building.

Southampton University, United Kingdom

A female phantom is said to have been haunting a section of the Avenue Campus at Southampton University. At night, the staff often hears sound of footsteps and moving furniture in empty classrooms.

University of Wales, Newport

A 6-foot-long matron with hairs in a bun is said to have been seen by people who live and work at the University of Wales, Newport. The ghost is said to be Bertha Ramsey, who, long ago, was found at the foot of the stairs after falling from the second floor. Even the school’s headmaster says that he has seen the ghost of Ramsey at the woman’s funeral, which he thought, at first, was just the lady’s twin sister.

University of York, York

Paranormal activities were reported in the university when a survey was done. It does not come as a shock to people as York is tagged the most haunted city in England, with a recent survey claiming there are 500 ghosts lurking around the place.

St. Andrews University, Scotland

St. Andrews is said to be a religious center in medieval times. It is believed to be one of the most haunted locations in Scotland. A white lady is often seen by students during the night.



California State University, Channel Islands

The university campus was built between 1936 and 1997 in the site where Camarillo State Mental Hospital previously stood. As it was a medical facility, thousands of people died there due to neglect, sickness, and some have given up through the passage of time. Paranormal investigators who visited the university say that it’s an active location for supernatural activities.

University of Virginia, Virginia

Confederate surgeon Dr. Bennett Wood Green, who died in 1913, is said to have been haunting this university. When they are inside the building, students and staff claim that they hear footsteps and often feel as if they are being watched. They say that it’s the ghost of Green.

Oxford University, United Kingdom

The ghost of Archbishop William Laud is said to have been spotted at the library of the University of Oxford’s constituent institution, St. John’s College. Archbishop Laud was an English churchman and academic who was beheaded in 1645 for treason.

Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

The students of the university keep saying that a cat is haunting the buildings. They often see the animal, but when they turn, it disappears. It is said that it was the pet of Mr. Thomas Holloway, founder of the university.

University of Georgia, Athens, GA

The University of Georgia, Athens, is full of secrets and mystery. One of the creepiest things the students of the university encounter is that when the rooms in the campus are empty, they often hear a girl crying. The girl’s name is said to be Anna Hamilton, a student who witnessed her boyfriend’s murder and has been crying since then.



Durham University, United Kingdom

The castle residence in Durham University is now 800 years old. According to Durham’s earliest students, a gray lady keeps floating up and down from the castle’s black staircase. The ghost is believed to be from the nineteenth century, the wife of bishop Van Mildert, the owner of the facility who met his death at the same place where his wife is often spotted—in the black staircase.

The University of Iowa, Iowa

The University of Iowa has some really scary incidents that the students commonly encounter. According to some accounts, a spirit with a penchant for flicking through TV channels was seen haunting their shared home. The ghosts in the lurking around the campus are believed to be that of three females who ended their lives after knowing that they were dating the same man.

University of Exeter, United Kingdom

The ghost occupying the corridor walls of Exeter University was a former workman who is often spotted holding a brush in one hand and a paint pot in the other. He died while he was at work, and people are saying that his soul stayed to attend to his unfinished business.

Penn State University State College, PA

A student of Penn State University named Betsy Aardsma was murdered in the Patte Library in 1969. She was last seen doing research for her English class in the room when someone killed her, a case that remains unsolved until today. It is said that she still wanders around the library at night.

Cambridge University, United Kingdom

This old university is a place where paranormal activities have taken place through the years. College staff and students refuse to enter a thirteenth-century oak-paneled chamber in the building where a person who committed suicide by hanging himself is often seen.


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