Mom Films Mysterious ‘Mom-and-Child Ghost’ Lurking Beside Her Sleeping Daughter


On a calm and auspicious night, Jade Yates wasn’t expecting to see something that would haunt her for life.

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Yates was looking after her daughter Ruby sleeping soundly in bed with a baby monitor filming the child’s naptime. Jade was looking at the footage when she suddenly spotted a mysterious figure beside her daughter.

According to Yates, she saw more than one figure, a baby, who looked older than her child, and an adult who was attending to this baby. Yates explained that it couldn’t have been any kind of lighting or reflection since the door was shut and there was no one else in the room aside from her baby. She said that on some angles, she could even see the apparition’s arms and ears.

Nothing bad happened to her kid, Yates said, and after she went to check on her daughter and got back to the monitor, the ghosts were gone. She assumed she probably caused them disturbance so they just simply went away.

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