7 of the Most Haunted Locations in New Hampshire


New Hampshire may be the fifth smallest state in the United States, but it is large in terms of history and culture. From a former orphanage to a historic castle, take a trip to the most haunted locations in New Hampshire below.

Paranormal Hunters: Haunted Locations in New Hampshire

1. Chase Home, Portsmouth

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Orphanage House

The Chase Home for Children opened its doors in 1877. It operated as an orphanage during that time. Today, the Chase Home caters to at-risk youth, and it also organizes home-based family preservation program for families in crisis.

Apparently, not every resident at Chase Home has a heartbeat. Some say that the souls of the orphans stayed to haunt the hallways. An apparition of a young girl strutting down the halls has been reported numerous times. People said that as soon as you come close, she disappears into thin air. Aside from that, reports of disembodied footsteps and screaming sounds can be heard in the girl’s dormitory during nightfall.

2. Pine Hill Cemetery, Hollis

Hollis Cementery

The Pine Hill Cemetery stands in Hollis, New Hampshire, and has been plagued with an overwhelming amount of paranormal activities. The plot is filled with several accounts of ghostly apparitions, unexplained sounds, and a general feeling of unsettledness.

Locals have dubbed the historic Pine Hill Cemetery the Blood Cemetery after becoming the final resting place of the Blood Family. It is believed that the ghost of Abel Blood has been roaming around the cemetery ever since. Although he does not harm any of the cemetery’s visitors, he continues to roam the grounds at night to find his missing wife.

3. Three Chimneys Inn, Durham

Three Chimneys Inn

The Three Chimneys Inn is one of the oldest structures in New Hampshire. It was constructed back in 1649 and used as a homestead. The first owner was Valentine Hill, who had a daughter named Hannah. Despite the lack of records on Hannah’s life, she is well-known for being the only ghost that haunts the Three Chimneys Inn.

It is believed that Hannah met her end when she drowned in the nearby Oyster River. Her restless spirit would often haunt the employees of the inn. On one occasion, innkeeper Karen Meyer was startled when she felt a cold hand rest on her shoulder. As she turned around, no one else was in the room with her. Hannah also wakes up the employees every time they fall asleep while on duty. She plays with people’s hair, walks loudly around the parlor, and relentlessly opens the drawers of the filing cabinets. According to the employees, this is Hannah’s way of showing displeasure toward the things she cannot understand.

4. Ocean-Born Mary House, Henniker

Abandoned House

Ocean-Born Mary is one of the most famous folklore of New England. It is said that she was conceived and born on a ship named Wolf. The ship was overtaken by pirates who threatened to destroy everything on board. As soon as the pirate captain heard an infant’s cry, he declared that he would spare everyone on the ship if the parents would name after his mother, Mary. When he left, he gifted the family with a bolt of green brocade silk and asked if Mary could wear it on her wedding day.

Mary grew up to be a very tall and beautiful woman. She had fiery red hair and green eyes. Though Mary lived the rest of her life in peace, her spirit has yet to depart to the other side. She continues to haunt her family home to protect the property from harm.

5. Kimball Castle, Gilford

Kimball Castle

Kimball Castle is located on a hill overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee in the town of Gilford, New Hampshire. It was the former summer estate of railroad magnate Benjamin Ames Kimball. He would continue to visit the estate until his death in 1920.

As time went on, the once majestic castle had slowly fallen into disrepair. Rumors of hauntings would continue to surround the estate. Everything from strange banging noises and full body apparitions scared away caretakers. Although there has been no concrete evidence of these hauntings, many townspeople are convinced that the ghosts of Kimball Castle continue to lurk around its decaying walls.

6. Island Path Road, Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach

The town of Hampton found itself at the center of a major witch hunt during the 1600s. A woman named Eunice Cole was imprisoned after allegedly cursing a group of sailors. The victims found themselves stuck in a storm and somehow vanished into thin air. Cole paid a hefty fine and was sent to jail. After she died, villagers drove a stake through her body.

Due to the unfair treatment she had to endure, Cole’s spirit came back to haunt Island Path Road. Residents often complain of missing cats, poltergeist activity, and unexplained power outages.

7. Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods

Bretton Woods

With the number of haunted locations in New Hampshire that are gaining reputation as the most terrifying spots in the world, it is safe to say that the state is a haven for paranormal investigators. This list has featured all the paranormal hot spots, but the best was certainly saved for last. The Mount Washington Hotel has to be the most famous haunted site in all of New Hampshire. It was built in 1902 by railroad tycoon Joseph Stickney. Guests of the hotel absolutely loved the atmosphere at the Mount Washington Hotel. Some loved it so much that they refused to leave, even after a whole century had passed.

According to legends, the soul of Stickney’s wife, Carolyn, continues to haunt the luxury hotel. After her death, she was remarried to a French nobleman and later went by the name Princess Carolyn. During an investigation conducted by paranormal investigating team from the TV series Ghost Hunters, the crew managed to record Carolyn’s voice on tape.

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