This Creepy Fort is the Most Haunted Place in India …This WILL Give You the Chills



The Bhangarh Fort was built by the ruler of Rajasthan, Sawai Madho Singh, and expanded by his son Bhagwant Das. It is located in the Aravali Range, near the Sariska Tiger Reserve. After the downfall of King Chhatr Singh, the town was on the verge of getting obliterated. It still remained in the Mughals’ hands till Jai Singh II seized it. Countless wars have occurred in this city, and a famine ensured the end of the population there.

Bhangarh Fort has several temples dedicated to their deities, and these temples resemble tombs that are pretty scary. The fort has four complex-designed gates that were built to protect the city from enemies. There are still remains of shops that had been built surrounding the fort, including the one standing at the top from where visitors can view the entire city.

The Bhangarh Fort is the most haunted place in India and is also considered to be one of the scariest places in the world. There are many rumors surrounding the city. It is said that evil spirits roam inside the fort, and some people have first-handedly experienced it. The rumors may be true because of the warning issued by the Archaeological Survey of India that states that visitors are not allowed into the fort after sunset and before sunrise.



There are mainly two legends that suggest that Bhangarh is bewitched, and we will discuss each of them to help you decide whether to brave the heavens and visit the fort or just stay at your home and spend a peaceful day.

Guru Balu Nath’s Egocentric Curse

Legends say that a well-respected man named Guru Balu Nath gave permission to the residents to build their own houses, given that no one surpass his own place in height. He declared that if any house cast a shadow on his place, he would definitely destroy the entire fort.

Despite Guru Balu Nath’s warning, a man built a house taller than his place. As punishment, Guru Balu Nath destroyed the entire fort, killing all its inhabitants. The sage was being true to his word—no one survived.

Lovelorn Singhiya’s Fateful Malediction

A story was told that the young and beautiful princess of Bhangarh Ratnavati had caught the eye of Singhiya, an expert in black magic. Singhiya was aware that Ratnavati was not in love with him and wouldn’t marry him, so he made a love potion that would attract the princess. However, the princess caught Singhiya with the potion and was thrown to the ground. A rock appeared out of nowhere, killing Singhiya after the potion smashed to the ground.

It is believed that Singhiya cursed the citizens of Bhangarh, saying that no one would be able to live in the city again right after his death. The curse seems to have actually taken effect on the local residents as some of the residents died, and it is believed that the spirits of both Princess Ratnavati and Singhiya were trapped inside the port taking a soul to those who come to the fort.



The houses in Bhangarh have no roofs because one with a ceiling mysteriously collapses, no matter how strong the materials are. Paranormal incidents often happen in the fort especially at night. Residents living close to the fort often hear an eerie music playing in the old ruins and sometimes the wailing of a woman.

Missing cases of people who visit the fort after dark are still yet to be solved. The victims are still missing, and people near the fort believed that they never came back after visiting the fort.

Despite haunting stories and countless warnings, people who have an amazing set of courage are brave enough to come to the fort at night to prove the stories wrong.

A report said that a young boy who visited the area at night tripped and fell into a well located inside the fort.  Two of his friends tried to rescue him, but on their way to get help, they had an accident, and all of them were killed.

Although reputed for being the most haunted, visitors still flock to the old city to see the historical place. Going to the city is quite easy if you’re travelling from Delhi. The Bhangarh Fort is located only three hundred meters away from Delhi, but the drive can be slightly uncomfortable and would usually take four hours.

We can’t blame them. There are always people who don’t believe about strange things, and you can go there yourself too, if you’re a true daredevil. But of course, remember that before you go to the fort, you have already been warned by the nearby villagers, the people who truly witnessed the happenings there. So for now, all we could say is, do it at your own risk.


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