Motorcycle Graveyard in New York Lies Unnoticed for Decades …See What This Photographer Finds!


We’ve seen many abandoned places from all around the world, and we always find them so eerie! Now here’s a photographer who stumbled upon a forgotten motorcycle graveyard that’s actually a treasure trove for vintage bike owners looking for parts. 

Photographer Chris Seward tells us that long after the structure itself had been condemned, this extensive motorcycle graveyard lingered in an abandoned building near the Erie Canal in Western New York. The bikes, some of them antiques, remained on site until recently, when the place was finally cleared. The owner of the building reportedly died in the 1970s.

“The motorcycle graveyard, as my friends and I are now calling it, is definitely one of the most eerie, strangest places I have ever been, and I think these pictures really speak to the tendency for old things to be forgotten in America, especially in rural areas, where a building can lay unoccupied for decades,” Seward said.



It’s safe to say that this motorcycle necropolis holds quite an eerie yet interesting atmosphere. The dust and rust inside the building, along with the clutters of wood and metals, is a sight that is both creepy and intriguing.

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