Once a Place for Children to Play …Now They’re Just a Den of Lost Souls


There are places that were once happy and lively but are now completely abandoned and almost useless. Even so, there are still beings that use them—but we can’t really see.

Here are some places that are believed to be haunted by ghosts.

Drost Park, Maple Hill Cemetery, Alabama

Because of its hidden whereabouts, Drost Park was given a sinister nickname by locals—The Dead Children’s Playground. It is located in the middle of Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama.

According to local stories, the area above, which is situated next to the playground is where a serial killer hid the bodies of his victims in the 1940s.

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, West Virginia

After two horrific incidents that took place here, Lake Shawnee amusement park was abandoned. The first accident involved a little girl who died while riding the spinning swing set. While a park worker was driving a truck and backing it into the path of the swing, the girl accidentally crashed into it, resulting in her death.

The second story is about a boy who drowned in the park’s swimming pool and died. In 1966, the owners finally decided to leave it and let it rot. The current owner of the place now claims that he has seen a little boy playing on the swings.



Here is another terrifying story about the abandoned amusement park. Long ago, a family of settlers attempted to claim the land, which was then occupied by a local tribe of Native Americans. One day, the father went out hunting, so the members of the tribe took the opportunity to kill the man’s children one-by-one. While the youngest boy and girl were attacked and murdered, the eldest son was kidnapped and then burned alive.

St. Ignatius School, Winnepeg, Canada

There is one piece of playground equipment that children at St. Ignatius School in Winnipeg stay away from. It is these red trapezoid rings.

The kids believe that a little girl is haunting the rings after she fell off them and died. Those who have used the ring also said that they have felt cold hands on their legs trying to pull them down.

Bassa Villa Pub, Bridgnorth, England

In the 1600s, two kids were playing a game of hide and seek in the Magpie House, which is located near the River Severn. When their mother went out to get something, they accidentally got locked in the cellar. All of a sudden, the river overflowed and flooded the cellar, drowning them inside.



The house is now called the Bassa Villa. Even if it already changed its name, there are still reports that spirits are often heard playing down in the cellar. There was even a CCTV footage in the bar that captured glasses falling off the shelf without any reason. While some believe that it was just the children playing, others think that it was the sad mother who’s still looking for her kids.


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