These Abandoned Places are So Creepy and Surreal …They Will Haunt Your Dreams



The world is full of amazing and wonderful places, scenery that will dazzle anyone with their beauty, and areas that will take anybody’s breath away. However, this same planet also houses places that give us goosebumps, locations that send chills to our body, making us feel unbearably uncomfortable.

Here are some of the world’s most haunting abandoned places. These spots were all once filled with laughter and tears, but today, they have all been erased from the memories of the ones who formerly occupied and visited them, abandoned by the very people who used to cherish and adore them.

Garnet, Montana

garnet montana ghost town overview

Nowadays, Garnet, Montana, is merely a ghost town that is publicly owned and managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This remote town was once a busy place filled with gold miners and their families. The town had saloons, stores, hotels, weekly newspaper, a school, and much more. Unfortunately, by 1912, the large strikes were depleted, fire had raged through town, driving miners to leave and search for new riches.

Wonderland, Beijing, China

Wonderland Amusement Park was abandoned in 1998 after disputes over land prices brought a halt to construction, along with Beijing’s dreams of having its own Disneyland.

Ross Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

The island is now home to numerous ruins enveloped by various branches and vines. During the British rule over India, the island used to be the administrative headquarters for the British in the Andaman Islands. It was abandoned seventy-five years ago.



House of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Mount Buzludzha, Bulgaria

The House of the Bulgarian Communist Party was once the center of Bulgarian politics during the Soviet Era. The place was abandoned less than a decade after opening in 1981, along with the fall of the Iron Curtain. The interior has been left subject to the elements and much of the paneling from the building’s roof were stolen.

Miranda Castle, Belgium

Originally built by French aristocrats fleeing the guillotine, it was abandoned in 1991 and is now attracting thrill-seeking teenagers and ghost hunters. This magnificent structure is also known as Chateau de Noisy, and although it’s now just a shell of its former self, it remains hauntingly beautiful.

Did you feel a chill run down your spine? Well, that’s normal. As people, we have always been attracted to creepy and haunting places. There’s something about them that captures our curiosity. They make us want to see what’s hidden behind their veil of ambiguity and desolation.


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