These Dolls Are So Nightmare-Inducing …You’ll Want to Destroy Them Yourself



Almost every little girl loves dolls. They are dainty little angels that you can care for, but with the release of films like Child’s Play and The Conjuring, you can be forgiven for not wanting to play with dolls anymore. They can be possessed with the souls of their former owners.

A doll doesn’t need to be evil or possessed to scare people. Sometimes, it’s the missing body parts or a strange expression on the plastic face that makes it spooky. There are just some dolls not meant for the playroom.

Does this look like an angelic face? Uh, nope.

The yellowish eyes and bright lips aren’t at all adorable, more like a creepy little baby ready to suck out your soul.

This bug-eyed grinning nightmare.

Don’t let your child sleep with this doll and its oversized chompers.

The cold, lifeless gaze of this doll will send chills up your spine.

A good idea for a reality show would be to place a contestant in room alone with this doll. The contestant who can stay the longest will win a million dollars.

This vintage creation will stop your heart.

How could any child think this was cute and want to take it home? Perhaps they made a doll of Nosferatu the Vampire.

This is one horrifying antique.

You’d probably believe it if you were told this is a demonic baby doll.


Is this a doll or the preserved corpse of a toddler?

Look at the strange eyebrows, the dusty curls, glossy eyes, and the blank gaze in perpetual shock.

This doll would beat you in a staring contest any day of the week.

This is proof you can be bald, pasty white, and still have a death stare. Voldemort probably stole this doll’s look.

Smiling devil straight out of a horror flick.

The doll has that wild crazy expression of a serial killer.

Don’t trust that fake smile.

On an actual toddler, bob-cuts and bangs are cute, but somehow that didn’t translate so well for this doll.

This is Chucky’s deranged daughter.

This evil-looking redhead maybe Lucifer’s mini-me. Try and look into its eyes for five seconds. I dare you.

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