This Woman Captures Photo of a Ghost …Take a Look and You Be the Judge!



While taking a walk in the woodlands of Sandwell Valley Nature Reserve in Wasson Pool, pensioner Elaine Stewart decided to take random photos of the place. When she was browsing her shots, she was stunned to see a ghost from the past captured on one of the pictures. At that time, she realized she was possibly not alone.

Elaine Stewart

Elaine Stewart

She said, “I was trying to take a picture of the mist. To me, it looks like a boy in old-fashioned clothing. I know there were mines underneath and perhaps that was where he worked.”

“To be honest, I’ve got an open mind. Some say it’s a trick of the light, others can definitely make out a figure. It’s certainly divided opinion,” she continued.

Elaine Stewart

According to locals, the area where Elaine took the photo is an infamous haunted location for decades. She went back to the same spot the next day in hopes of replicating the disturbing image. Sad to say, she failed.

The 65-year-old herself didn’t expect for something as  scary as such would happen. She said all she wanted was a shot of the picturesque place.

Nevertheless, Elaine believes the photo featured a boy from the eighteenth century. She suspects he was a victim of the mine shafts that were run underneath the site.

Elaine Stewart



People who saw the photo of the ghost have varying reactions. While some think it is the white swan regularly seen at the site, others believe it was just another animal.

But a local from the place shared his opinion at the Birmingham History Forum. He said, “The ghost of Wasson Pool was quite common when I was lad, we would cycle up to see it, always at night and always in the dark, of course. Some nights it did not show, but when it did, it was quite a sight, a wavy white shape floating about in the dark and nearly always at tree top level. We never ever heard it make any sound, but I think the paper, The Smethwick Telephone, did do an investigation, if I remember right.”

Until now, there is no logical explanation about the mysterious thing captured on Elaine’s camera. But one thing is for sure: it gives us the notion that whenever and wherever you might be, there  is always a possibility that unidentified entities may show up. Even if you think you are in the most secluded area, you have to be mindful of your actions. You never know what things or beings you can disturb.


Watch the ghost video below: