Flowers Are Too Mainstream …Get Your Date This Star Wars Bouquet This Valentine’s Day


If you think flowers are too mainstream, then this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for you. Retail company ThinkGeek has officially made the best gift one can give this season of love, plus points if your significant other happens to be a Star Wars fan.

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The licensed Star Wars line features three different bouquet designs to choose from.

If your lover happens to be more attuned to the dark side, then he or she would love the “I Am Your Flower” theme, which features Darth Vader and an adorable army of Storm Troopers. Another is for everyone’s favorite droid R2-D2 called the “Beep Boop Bloom” and lastly there’s the variety bouquet “Blue Harvest (and Red and Green and Black and White and Gold),” featuring some of the cast looking equally adorable.

The bouquets each contain nine plush toys.

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ThinkGeek describes in their Web site that the each super deformed plush is removable from its stem. It also comes intricately wrapped upon delivery.


Whether you are ready to ignite a romance or win that person who was once from a galaxy far, far away, we’re sure that anyone will fall in love with these unique bouquet ideas. Just make sure you attach a catchy quote from the movie to make it even more special.

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