The Art of Getting Even …How This Young Woman Got Back at Her Cheating Partner


As Mario Puzo once said, “Revenge is a dish, which tastes best when served cold.

For this woman, what Mario Puzo does is definitely serving her ex-boyfriend. With the nasty laughter of delight, she posted a video of herself getting erotic with another man to get back at her cheating boyfriend.

The short clip showed the blonde Australian Gold Coast native named Lyn Kent calling out her ex for cheating on her.

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned: Seeking revenge on her ex-boyfriend, the woman, said to be Australian Lyn Kent, filmed a clip of herself in bed with another lover Who's laughing now? The young couple, leaning on floral cushions and listening to rap music, make it clear they're enjoying exacting retribution on camera 

Lying naked in bed beside a young guy covered in tattoos, Lyn relayed a message to her ex, saying that he must be thinking it was fun to cheat on her. Seconds later, she drew the camera closer to her face to say, “Well, the joke’s on you, mate, because I cheated on you too!”

Her dark-haired man then hurled salt to the injury, chipping in near the camera and said, “I took your b****.”

'Joke's on you mate': Girlfriend's revenge on cheating boyfriend After the smiling woman has say, her new partner adds his own, rather ungallant, thoughts, saying to the camera lens: 'I took your b****' 

The young woman didn’t seem interrupted by such sexist language. She then prompted to move closer to share a tender kiss with her newfound lover as he held her face. The clip ends there…

'Joke's on you mate': Girlfriend's revenge on cheating boyfriend

In a room with a loud music and a bunch of floral pillows, the new couple looked happy with the revenge they exacted together.

Their vindictive clip is already watched 48,000 times and counting.

Watch the whole video here.

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