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The Beast: A 839-Foot Obstacle Course Built for Adults


Who doesn’t love obstacle courses?

As children, the thought of an inflatable obstacle course can be super exciting. Unfortunately, obstacle courses for adults are often limited to daring physical tasks for the military and tough races that rival the television show American Ninja Warrior.

Belgian company V-Formation decided to build one of the biggest obstacle courses for adults. It is truly one of the amazing things you will ever set your eyes on. Are you ready to enter The Beast? Read more about this brand-new course below.

‘The Beast’ Becomes the World’s Biggest Obstacle Course for Adults

Tired of muddy obstacle courses? Then The Beast is definitely for you. It is a one-of-a-kind obstacle course built especially for adults. The Beast is not your typical birthday bounce house. For one thing, it measures a staggering 839 feet long—that’s even longer than two football fields combined!

V-Formation markets The Beast as the perfect outdoor maze for conducting team building exercises or for individuals just looking to rid themselves of stress. It comprises of 32 different obstacle pieces including bouncy balls, nets, air-filled walls, and soft barriers, all of which can be assembled according to the customer’s preference.

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Obstacle The Beast

Unfortunately, The Beast is not available for home use unless you happen to have a backyard that is as wide as two football fields combined. If you happen to be an event organizer, you can rent the obstacle course for private or public events. Those who reside or are planning to visit England soon can try it out themselves by heading to the Betteshanger Country Park in Kent from May 26 to 29. The Beast will also be making an appearance at the Extreme Festival, which is dubbed as a “brand-new festival for adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies,” to be held at Kent’s Groombridge Place Estates on April 29–30.

According to the V-Formation Web site, only adults are permitted to use The Beast. Children beyond the age of 12 are also welcome to try the course out with utmost supervision. If you are curious about how this awesome inflatable maze works, check out the video below or you can head over to V-Formation’s Web site.

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