These Bizarre Bedrooms Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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Many online articles featuring bedrooms highlight various themes. There are the luxurious bedrooms, and then there are the particularly romantic ones. There are even outdoor bedrooms. Maybe you think you’ve seen them all. But don’t be so quick to conclude that. In this post, we’re going to bring out the most bizarre bedrooms that you—or anyone, for that matter—has ever seen.

Prepare to be amazed and weirded out.

The first bedroom on our list is one that features an industrial theme mixed with a voyeuristic element. Think of Japan’s and Las Vegas’s love hotels and their side-to-side and floor-to-ceiling mirrors but with a touch of the industrial.


If you’ve ever wanted to feel what it’s like to live in a cave, this bedroom is the one for you. Its walls are built from stone materials, and it even boasts a fireplace with a large, cozy bed at the center. This bedroom is perfect to sleep in during cold winter nights.


Remember when you were a kid watching the movie The Lord of the Rings and afterward you just wanted to be Bilbo Baggins and live in your own hobbit house? You can make that childhood dream come true with this bedroom that looks and feels like a hobbit-hole.


This bedroom looks and feels like a prison cell or escape room of some sort, what with lines of yellow tape bordering the walls and sides. It even comes with an outdated television set and speakers!


This particular room looks like something right out of a dystopian movie with its cagelike walls painted a deep crimson red and containing a round bed with white fluffy sheets at the very center.


This bedroom is another one taken right out of the Lord of the Rings page with its thick stone walls and green leafy decor. There’s even a bed with a jungle-print bedspread.


This room boasts a Japanese aesthetic with a bit of the whimsical added in for that extra twist. There’s only the typical paper screen doors you’d see in Japanese historical dramas and a simple white mattress laid on the floor but lengthened so that it extends across the length of the floor and up onto the walls and ceiling.


This room is like something out of a Cartoon Network show with its colorful walls and castle-frame bed. If you have a kid with a particularly overactive imagination, this would be the ideal room for him.


This bedroom has a sort of Alice in Wonderland feel to it, with its whimsical elements and fantastic decor. You can feel like Alice herself when you sleep in its massive bed contained in a golden box-shaped frame.


Everyone at some point has imagined what it would be like to sleep outdoors, in a forest. Many of us had to make do with tree houses when we were kids, but this room is something right out of those whimsical childhood fancies.


If you’ve ever dreamed of being a model but real life got in the way, this bedroom could be your chance to make that dream come true. You can go to sleep and wake up with a couple of spotlights totally focused on you!

This one is just confusing and seems to have been made for the person with a taste for the weird and futuristic, with glowing floors, printed wallpapers, and even what seems to be an overhead mirror or monitor.


Ever wondered what’s it like to be in an igloo? With this bedroom, you’ll wonder no more. Two beds are set on what seems to be like blocks of ice, and the entire room is illuminated by neon green lights.


This room mixes elements of minimalism and geometric shapes to create a space that airy and relaxing. To break the monotony, pops of color are introduced through the purple bed sheets, pillows, seat covers, vases, and ornaments.


Houses made of wood are nothing new, but this wooden bedroom is something you’ve probably never seen before. Panels of wood are layered over each other to create a truly rustic and cozy look.


A quaint oyster bed is the focal point of this richly decorated bedroom. Maroon red is the theme of this room, as you can see from its heavy crimson red drapes, flamboyant flooring, and elaborate wall paneling.


The marine wonders of the earth need not be that far away with this marine-themed bedroom. Imagine waking up to walls filled with all kinds of exotic aquatic creatures!


This bedroom is perfect for the chess enthusiast. You can feel like you’re in a life-size chessboard yourself as the decor and even the bedspread are all based on chess game designs!


This particular “bedroom” is not for the fainthearted. It’s not exactly a bedroom as it is a bed contained inside a gigantic concrete cylinder. It even comes complete with its own lighting fixtures!


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