These Award-Winning LADA Models Mark the Death of Supercar Stereotypes

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In Russia, two luxurious Lada automobiles have won two prestigious national awards: the Off-road Station Wagon for Lada Kalina Cross and the Car of the Year in the minivan category for the Lada Largus. The awards were received by AVTOVAZ CEO, Bo Anderson.

Last year, Lada Kalina Cross entered production. It was only distributed for ownership last November 2014. Since then, it has gradually gained popularity. Within the first four months, it already sold 1,5000 units.

According to Anderson, the Cross series was created based on a special set of instructions, which included a protective body pack, a raised clearance, and distinct interior finishes. Basically, the aim of building this car model is to satisfy the growing demand of Russians for crossovers—spacious cars with improved off-road capability.

CEO of Rostec, Sergey Chemezov, explained, “The fact that AVTOVAZ models have won the awards demonstrates that their high quality and good consumer features have helped to overcome stereotypes.”

On the other hand, Lada Largus only went into production at AVTOVAZ in April 2012. But as of 2014, 74,291 units were already sold in Russia, making it a leader in the station wagon category.

Sergey said that AVTOVAZ models winning the awards indicated that their excellent quality and great consumer features were helping overcome all the negative comments. He added, “It is important that the Awards are corroborated by the data we are getting from our leaders. AVTOVAZ has taken over more than 20 percent of the passenger car market this year to date and intends to build on this success.”

“AVTOVAZ will introduce another new model, Lada Vesta, in the coming months,” he added. They’re also trying to work on a brand new futuristic concept supercar.

After receiving all the awards, Bo expressed his gratitude to the people behind the success of the LADA models that won the awards.

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