This Grandma Became a Queen of Online Dating Sites

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After hitting the age of 60, retirement is what most people’s most awaited stage of their lives. After so many years of hard work, finally, you have all the time in the world and freedom to do what you want to, just enjoying and relaxing.

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And that’s exactly what Margaret Collin is doing. The 71-year old is now busy partying, pole dancing, and serial dating.

Using online dating sites and apps, the twice-married grandma has been on more than 200 dates in the past 12 years, and most of her dates are younger men because she says, dating younger men keeps her youthful.

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Margaret was originally from East London and now lives in a housing complex in New Castle. She started online dating 12 years ago when she became single, but it was only in 2012 after retiring that she joined the singles club and go out up to three dates a week.

The blond pensioner has dating profiles on Plenty of Fish and and even on Tinder. She loves painting the town red with her daughter and a regular at Bigg Market.

“Some weeks I can get over 100 messages, and I could have a date every night if I wanted to.”


She had suitors as young as 20 years old, but she draws the line at 40. “Men my own age are stiff and boring. I like to enjoy myself and have a dance,” she said.

Despite being flooded with offers, Margaret is very selective when it comes to choosing whom she goes out with.

She said, “There’s always a lot of guys on Internet dating that contact me. Most of them are nice guys, but you do get some nasty ones. I despise beer bellies, tattoos, earrings, and white trainers. I like men who can match my confidence and hold their own in a conversation with me. I can get bored of guys very easily.”


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