Thousands of Twins Invade Ohio for the 40th Annual Twins Days Festival


It’s double the trouble in Twinsburg, Ohio this weekend as they celebrate the 40th Twins Day Festival with the theme “Twins Day: Times 2 Remember”.

Twins Festival started in 1975. It is open to all twins whether identical, triplets, quads or fraternal. This year,  the event was attended by over 2,000 set of twins, young and old and over 18,000 participants overall. It was filled with various events like sports, parades, field games, shows, and entertainment.

Brothers John and Jim Mazurkiewicz, taking a break

Lounging around during lunch: Jim Mazurkiewicz and his brother John enjoy a break from the festivities on Saturday

Nathan and Scott Hasbrook, solid Star Wars fan

Seeing the light: Star Wars fans Nathan and Scott Hasbrook, 24, pose during the 2015 Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, on Saturday

Native Americans Mimina and Marita Meza Vergara

Fancy feathers: Mimina and Marita Meza Vergara, 35, from Venezuela, dressed in Native American outfits for the event this weekend

Spot the difference between these brothes, Spencer Nick and Skylar

Cooling off: Spencer Nick and his twin Skylar enjoy identical ice lollies at the largest gathering of twins in the world

Gabriella and Romola Hicks, 2 years old, enjoy watching the parade

Small and very sweet: Two-year-olds Gabriella and Romola Hicks of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, watch as the Double Take Parade passes by 

Cyber sisters  Heather and Tara Kelly

Circuit training: Heather and Tara Kelly, 42, dressed as eye-catching robots for the event, which was first held in 1975

Ryan and Bryan Marshall showing their acrobatic moves

Busting a move: Ryan Marshall and his twin Bryan Marshall, both of Cleveland practice some acrobatics for the parade

Mandy Vazquez and Liz Blower, 2 British beauties

British belles: Mandy Vazquez, left, and Liz Blower, who flew over from from London, pose in sequinned Union Flag tops

All the way from Canada cracking chips, Allison and Lauren Knight

Canadians go crackers: Identical sisters Allison, left, and Lauren Knight, 32, of Windsor, Ontario, share a snack

Jeremy and Jonathan Troyer, who is who?

Twins in T-shirts: Jeremy Troyer and his twin Jonathan wear the same casual outfit to mingle with other visitors at the event

The Flintstones brothers, Sam and Joe Muscalo, came a long way from the Stone Age

'The Twinstones''  40th annual Twins Days festival

Hair raising event for Rachel and Alyssa Ream

Up for fun: Rachel and Alyssa Ream must have paid a fortune to have their hair done before they went to the Twinsburg event

Brooke Allen and Mallorie’s Flower Power

Flower girls: Brooke Allen and her twin Mallorie look ethereal in this artistic shot from the 40th annual Twins Days 

Sisters Kat and Margaret King are here to claim the iron throne

Reigning supreme: Sisters Kat and Margaret King live up to their last name and walk through the fairgrounds in regal costumes

Game on for James and Charles Johnson

Sporty siblings: James and Charles Johnson, 33, chill out in shorts and sneakers as they take a break from the crowds

Watch other twins in the 40th Annual Twins Festival clips below:

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