Top 10 Makeup Transformations in Popular Movies


Some Hollywood movies can turn your dreams or your nightmares into reality by recreating them in the most realistic way.

Through the use of make-up, film makers can manipulate the features of a simple actor to give him a new appearance that is far from his original look. These life-like effects induce the illusion to believe that such character exists to give us the wow factor that the audience wants.

However, the preparations of such disguise consume a gruesome amount of time and effort. Nonetheless, the end results are pretty remarkable. You wouldn’t have thought that a normal person lies behind the mask.

Here are some amazing make-up transformations from popular films:

1.  Pan’s Labyrinth

2.  Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street


3.  Monster

4.  The Godfather

5.  Planet of the Apes

6.  Frankenstein

7.  The Elephant Man

8.  The Fly

9.  Tootsie

10.  X-Men

Watch how it is done here:

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