Top 20 Cities All Over the World With Most Beautiful Women


Women all over the world possess different qualities when it comes to beauty and appearance. They have their unique and irresistible charms that every man would surely fall head over heels for. Their mesmerizing gaze adds to the effect of their magnificent and stunning looks.

Let’s take a trip around the world to seek the cities which are considered to hold the most precious gems that conquers a man’s heart with their one-of-a-kind beauties.

20.  Cali, Colombia


19.  Buenos Aires, Argentina


18.  Stockholm, Sweden

17.  Beirut, Lebanon

16.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


15.  Hong Kong

14.  Bangkok, Thailand

13.  Luanda, Angola


12.  Moscow, Russia

11.  Caracas, Venezuela



10.  Kiev, Ukraine

9.  Varna, Bulgaria

8.  Madrid, Spain

7.  Prague, Czech Republic

6.  Milan, Italy


5.  New York, USA


4.  Montreal, Canada

3.  Seoul, South Korea


2.  Tel Aviv, Israel

1.  Copenhagen, Denmark

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