This Boy Read Junk Mail because He Had No Access to Books …What Happened Next Proves that Dreams Can Come True

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Almost everyone will tell you that junk mail is just a nuisance. For twelve-year-old Matthew Flores though, it was the only reading material he had.


Matthew’s favorite hobby is reading. The boy from Salt Lake City asked his mailman if he could have any extra junk mail.

Intrigued by the request, mailman Ron Lynch did a little investigating. When he asked why Matthew didn’t go to the library, he was told that it was something his family couldn’t afford.

Lynch used his Facebook page  to ask his friends if they could donate any books for Matthew.


He guessed a few of his friends would donate some books. Maybe Matthew would have enough to fill a bookshelf. They were surprised when books from all over the world were sent in for Matthew.


Lynch told The Huffington Post that it’s possible there are hundreds more soon to arrive.


Flores has been amazed by the amount of books that were delivered to him. He even thought at first that it was a mistake. He has promised to read every book and share them with other kids as well.




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