Captured Moments Prior to Paris Attack at the Eagles of Death Metal Concert

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 Zsuzsa Kover

Videos taken during the concert of the American rock band Eagles of Death Metal (EOM) are going viral around the Web, spread by people who were present during the third of the series of attacks in Paris last November 13, which killed at least 129 people.

The results of the tragic event, the deadliest of all attacks in the city in the past decade, are so hard to fathom. Reports say that the hostage takers took an estimated 100 hostages in the concert hall.





Since it was a concert, many in the audience audience had their cameras and phones with them to record videos and upload them on their social media accounts. Turned out, these devices would capture a grim event instead.

Concertgoer Benjamin Cazenoves became the source of updates worldwide when the attack began. He kept on sending updates through a series of Facebook posts as the night progressed. Captured videos fetched even the unprepared reaction of the band after realizing what was really going on.



Seb Snow, a graphic designer, posted a 30-second clip from the event, which he captioned, “The last notes before the gunfire, panic, and horror.”

This heart-crashing event will leave a scar in the hearts of the families of the innocent lives that were lost.



This video shows what happened during the Eagles of Death Metal concert.

Listen to the horrifying explosion during the France-Germany Game near the soccer stadium.

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