Cheating Wife is Caught at a Baseball Game and the Outcome Goes Viral



During the Braves vs Los Angeles Dodgers game on Wednesday at Turner Field Stadium, two sisters exposed a cheating wife to her husband. They did so by giving the man a note declaring they saw his wife’s unfaithful text messages to another man under the name of ‘Nancy’ in her phone. The duo posted photographs of the note and text online, and the pictures have gone viral ever since.

Delana and Brynn Hinson, the two sisters attending an Atlanta Braves game, claim they helped reveal that a man’s wife, who was positioned in front of them, was disloyal to him during the Braves game on Wednesday versus the Los Angeles Dodgers. They claim that the woman was apparently sexting a man registered as ‘Nancy’ in her mobile phone. Uproxx reported that the pair took photos and images to Twitter of what looked like illicit messages the wife allegedly sent to ‘Mark Allen’, along with the note they wrote, which quickly became viral.

On Wednesday, Delana and Brynn Hinson shot photos of the supposedly treacherous text messages at the Atlanta Braves game. They then wrote the man a note after taking some pictures of the messages.

During the playoff at Turner Field, Delana scribbled the note to the man which read: ‘Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy! Its really a man named Mark Allen. There is pictures on my phone.’ She further stated that in the event that his spouse erased the messages, the man could contact her on the phone number she left. The man’s wife apparently sent what looked like illicit text messages (photos taken by the sisters that were posted to Twitter shown above) to a guy called ‘Mark Allen’, the pair claimed. Delana concluded the message stating: ‘Sorry, just thought you should know!’

The sisters mentioned in a discussion on Twitter that the couple had been wedded for 29 years. They also wrote that they delivered the note to the man as he was departing before he halted and turned around providing them with a thumbs up. 30 minutes later, they profess that the man messaged Delana and was asking for the photos. People were skeptical about the act and called it fake, criticizing that the duo merely edited the alleged cheat’s text messages in which the sisters responded to by a video of when the note was being scribbled that night along with the text that was allegedly sent from the man requesting for the photos.




Brynn posted the pictures of the text messages and note to Twitter (shown above) where they have since became viral on a Wednesday night. One of the pair also shared a photo of a text (right) which was allegedly from the man when he requested for the photos. The duo mentioned they delivered the note to the man as he was departing before he halted and turned around to give them a thumbs up.

Apprehensive skeptics have denounced the sisters, saying they merely doctored the supposedly cheat’s text messages.

Watch the video right here.


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