Footage of a Teenage Girl Punching a Lad with Down Syndrome Is Shocking!

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A footage of a teenage girl attacking a boy with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy has gone viral on social media in the past few months. In an effort to help the victim, people tried to track down the attacker.

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In the clip uploaded on the Facebook page Most Wanted Lads, the 18-year-old boy received two straight punches in the face from a girl who was said to be from Pakenham, Australia.




Though the boy was covered in blood after the incident, the people who witnessed it just laughed at him.

Thankfully, days after the incident, the girl involved has been found. However, the girl defended her actions through social media. She wrote an apology and claimed the man was being hostile toward her and her friends.

Pakenham cop Sgt. Marcus Coolen then said that they only became aware of the attack after the footage went viral. He stated, “The victim has now made a statement and doesn’t recollect the incident because he was very intoxicated. Apparently the male was being verbally aggressive. [The girl] was unaware it was being filmed.”

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