Google Plan to Introduce Free Wifi to the Entire World

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Google wants to bring free Wi-Fi to cities

Wi-Fi has become a staple these days that people need to have access to this every now and then. In fact, anyone would be more than happy with anything, as long as there is WiFi connection. Even when sitting at a cafe table with friends, everybody gets busy on their smartphones and other devices, as if they fell the need to stay connected.


Today, you don’t have to worry anymore about asking your neighbor’s password or buying a cheap drink at the local bar, just to have Internet access. Google now aims to offer the world free WiFi.

Google’s new and ambitious project is reportedly going to begin in New York City this Autumn. They will use 10,000 of the old phone booths and turn into into “ad-supported WiFi pylons”.

In order to oversee the development of the big project, the tech giant has even set up a company called “Sidewalk Labs”.



Aside from providing free WiFi access, these outdated phone booths are expected to offer free domestic phone calls, touch-screen information system for tourists, as well as charging points. Shortly after they launch the project in New York, they aim to proceed with the United Kingdom.


Google’s Project Fi

While Google is planning to provide free WiFi to the world, they are also introducing a new program that helps people get new information through a fast and easy wireless experience.

Called Project Fi, this program allows Google to work in close partnership with top hardware makers and leading phone carriers so as to push the boundaries of what’s possible. With this, the tech giant is able to design software, hardware, and connectivity, which aims to find new ways for people to communicate and connect.

As of the moment, Google has partnered with Sprint and T-Mobile, U.S.’s top mobile networks.

The Goals of Project Fi

1. Help you get the highest-quality connection.

Project Fi aims to put people in the best possible network wherever they go – a Wi-Fi hotspot or a 4G LTE network perhaps. This new technology gives the users a better coverage to the Internet by smartly connecting to the fastest available network within a location, which include the millions of free, open WiFi hotspots Google has verified as reliable and fast. By the time a user is connected, data is secured through encryption.

2. Enable easy communication across networks and devices.

Regardless if you are at home or at your favorite cafe, you can now call and send SMS like you normally do. With Project Fi, you can communicate through whichever device and network type you are using. Also, because your phone number is saved via cloud, you will be able to call and send messages using your number on just any device, may it be a tablet, a laptop, or another phone. So, in case you misplace your phone, you can still connect with people.



3. Make the service experience as simple as possible.

When it comes to managing your service, paying for the connection, and getting in touch in case of emergency, Project Fi uses a whole new approach. Google offers a simple plan with round the clock support, all at one price. For just $20 a month, users may enjoy all the basic features, such as WiFi tethering, call and text, and international coverage, as well as a flat $10 per GB of cellular data in the U.S. and abroad. And since you can’t predict your average monthly data usage, you will get credit for your unused data.

Project Fi will be made available on the Nexus 6, which is developed with Motorola. It is going to be the first ever smartphone that supports the software and hardware of the service.



Learn more about the project here:


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