Don’t Mind The Monkey Riding on a Dog’s Back While it Walks Down the Road …WHAT?

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Nobody would ever think this would happen.

A video was uploaded on Facebook featuring a monkey riding on the back of the dog.

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The two animals were seen at the side of the road, and a driver who happened to pass by the same road stopped to take a video of this spectacular event.

It is believed that the baby monkey might have been abandoned by its mother, or the mother died, then the monkey found the dog. Well, no one really knows what happened actually, but one thing is for sure, they both seem to be taking comfort in each other’s company.

The video shows that animals can rely on each other when they needed to, despite their differences.

The dog may be finding a way for the monkey to live, so he let the monkey ride on his back.

It’s really rare to see something like this happen. The two animals have found friendship in the most unusual way.

“I think the choices animals make in cross-species relationships are the same as they’d make in same-species relationships. Some dogs don’t like every other dog. Animals are very selective about the other individuals who they let into their lives,” Dr. Marc Bekoff, who studies animal emotions, says in an interview with Slate.

But truth be told, this isn’t the only unusual friendship spotted in the animal kingdom.

This is also an example of a video of a dog and a dolphin swimming and playing together.

Plenty of animals have made a strange friendship like this lion befriending a dog, who plays with each other.

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