She Gets Proposed To with a Fleet of Luxury Cars when the Unexpected Happened …Whoa!


So you think you can buy someone’s love and affection? In Shenzen, China, a man discovered the answer to the question, Can you put a price on love? But in doing so, he got the answer to another question: what about a price on being humiliated in public?

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A Chinese man staged a very expensive and grand wedding proposal hoping to impress a woman named Peng Yang to be his bride. The 27-year-old Peng Yang is a TV dating show contestant. The man arrived with a fleet of twenty sports cars, which included a Ferrari and Mercedes Benz. The man held a bouquet of flowers and knelt down on one knee and proposed to Peng Yang, hoping his grand gesture would impress the lady enough to get her to say yes.

Unfortunately for this guy, Peng Yang’s reaction was the opposite of what he expected. Instead of being swept off her feet, the lady appeared to be embarrassed and uncomfortable. She was heard asking, “Why do you have to do that? I  beg of you, please stand up! There are so many people looking!” while burying her face in her palms.

The unnamed Chinese man hoped he’d win Peng Yang’s yes with his grand proposal.

Peng was clearly embarrassed, and she quickly turned around and left the man still kneeling. In an interview, Peng stated that they both knew each other since they were children and that she treats the man as her brother.

Peng, who appears in a weekly dating show and has become a reality show star, reveals that she has numerous suitors who want her to be their bride. She added that she hasn’t found her “prince charming” yet.

The event was quite similar to what happened last year. A man from Guangzho, China, used ninety-nine pieces of iPhone 6 to propose to his girlfriend. According to Yahoo News, the man spent ¥500,000 (USD $85,000) for the iPhones, which he formed into a giant heart in a parking lot. He surprised his ladylove, but unfortunately, the lady refused his expensive gestures.

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