The Hottest Bean Curd Seller in Taiwan

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Tofu has never been this tasty in Taiwan after a street side bean curd shop displays what could be a best-selling vendor, gaining a lot of patronage, mostly young girls, all over the town.

Before you pack your bags and fly to Taiwan, get to know the story and where to find this hot hunk, or you can just drool over his photos below over and over again.

A street-side bean curd shop in Taiwan has suddenly and steadily gained patronage over the last few days. The queues, mostly women, are now wrapping around the block.

The shop might be selling some excellent, grade-A bean curds...

But it's probably something extra.

He's rumoured to be the shop owner's son, but after his images floated onto Weibo, where it's been shared OVER 26 THOUSAND times, users began doing detective work to try to identify him.


Tagged online as “the hottest bean curd seller”, twenty six year old vendor Yi Tinchen is breaking the internet after his photos were shared over twenty thousand times online. He was rumored to be the son of the shop owner although it was never confirmed.

The shop is located at the Beitou district in Taipei City, Taiwan.

(And wherever the standard for bean curd sellers is set, we will safely hand off this title.)

As what his Facebook page suggested, Chen is a part time promotional model who also works in Mercedes-Benz. Critics say this is a publicity stunt after his sexy photos appeared online but his modeling agency denied the said ploy according to a Chinese tabloid.

Here are some of the photos taken from his social media account:

Yi Tin also, conveniently and mysteriously, does promotional modeling on the side.

If this is just for publicity, we are certainly buying it. Don’t forget to check out his GIF below



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