Two Years After Wedding, This Couple Shared an Inspiring Moment That Drove the Internet to Tears

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Love truly knows no bounds, and it flourishes despite many challenging circumstances. A video showing Lauren and Joel Jackson sharing a first dance marks the latest chapter of their remarkable love story two years after their marriage—their first dance.

Lauren Jackson made a simple request on top of the official binding of the two: “When you can walk, I want you to dance with me.” She made this request when she married her husband, Joel, in 2013.



After suffering an internal decapitation via a car crash in 2009, Joel has been confined to a wheelchair for the last six years. Although death rates are very high with this type of accident, a few people have survived and Joel was one of those lucky ones that beat the odds.

The prospect of walking together again, let alone dancing, seemed a distant fantasy for the couple because the tragedy left Joel unable to move his limbs or speak.

However, thanks in part to the helping hand of medical science, the 26-year-old from South Carolina has now fulfilled his wife’s request.

Via the help of a computer that he uses to articulate his thoughts, Joel described the feeling of dancing with his wife as “euphoric” in an interview with NBC.

The video is one of the best parts in the couple’s amazing story, and it is drawing attention on social media.



Joel was in a car with six other people that hit a telephone pole in December 2009. He was thrown from the vehicle, suffering a C1 spinal injury. He was one of the two victims of the accidents, the other one being a fifteen-year-old girl who later died. The doctors told his friends and family not to expect much from his recovery and sent Joel home.

In 2012, the couple began to rekindle their romance by going on a series of movie dates after Lauren’s visit to her childhood sweetheart. A few months later, Joel proposed to her, and the two were married in 2013.

The pair sought medical help for Joel since then, and eventually, he got his treatment in the exact place where the viral video was taken, at the Brooks Rehabilitation center in Florida.

Lauren explained her jot at getting to share a dance with her husband on her blog, where she also documented Joel’s journey:

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I have photographed (and now videoed) tons of brides and grooms during their first dance. I always wondered what they giggled and smiled about, what the conversation was about. Still to this day I find myself wondering what sweet words they are sharing in that moment, but today, I got to relive that moment again with my groom. We shared our first dance again this time on our feet!”

The two first met and dated during their teenage years at school but later on lived separate lives. At the age of 20, Joel was involved in the crash that would come to define his life, while Lauren married another man, only to later get divorced—but here they are now, sharing a beautiful love story to the world.

Watch the heartwarming videos below.

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