Why She Gives Up Crutches After Meeting a Great Dane Named George

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A best friend is someone who has helped us change ourselves and our whole life for the better, and fifth grader Bella from Ipswitch, Massachusetts, found one in a Great Dane named George.

In February 2007, Bella's doctor sent her to a geneticist for poor growth. At the age of 2 1/2, Bella was diagnosed with Morquio syndrome — a progressively degenerative disease that affects healthy bone growth.

When she was just two years old, Bella’s parents, Rachel and Ed, received a bad news—their little girl was diagnosed with Morquio syndrome, an inherited condition that mainly concerns the patient’s metabolism. Patients with Morquio syndrome lack enough substance required to break down long chains of sugar molecules. It shortens the patient’s life span and causes a lot of other health issues.

Because of the disease, Bella lost the ability to walk on her own. She had to sit on a wheelchair or use crutches to move around. But just this year, everything in the girl’s life changed.

Bella’s mom decided to find her girl a canine friend, who could help Bella endure the hard life of being a victim of Morquio syndrome. They went to the Service Dog Project to look for the perfect dog for Bella. Most of the canines just ignored Bella’s presence—except for one, and that was George, a 131-pound Great Dane. The pup looked curious and attentive and was gentle with Bella. It was enough proof for Bella’s mom that George would be the best choice.



In 2015, life improved drastically for this incredible little girl. Bella met George the Great Dane, and the two formed an immediate bond.



Bella's mom says that when they visited the Service Dog Project, George was the only dog who showed any interest in her.

Bella gave up her crutches since she met George. Her new best friend gladly goes everywhere Bella wants to as long as they’re together. He guides her on her way to school and stays with her in every activity she does.

Bella says of her buddy, “I lean on him like a crutch!”



Since meeting George, Bella has put away her crutches. George happily goes everywhere with her, guiding her through school and embarking on every activity with her. 'He helps me walk,' she says. 'I lean on him like a crutch!'

Bella’s encounter with George brought incredible changes in her life. When their inspiring story was shared on the Web, it quickly went viral like wildfire.



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