This Surfer Gets Attacked by a Huge Shark During Live Competition- You Have to See The Video

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You really never know when disaster sneaks up behind you and suddenly strikes. This time, disaster comes with a sharp set of teeth.

Mick Fanning in action during the quarter final round of the JBay Open surfing event

Mick Fannning is an Australian surfing champion. He was surfing in the water of South Africa last July 19, 2015, when a shark attacked him while participating in a final event of the J-Bay Open.

In the live footage, Fanning can be seen that he was startled by the shark, which only bit off the leg rope on his surfboard.

Fanning managed to fight off the shark

Fortunately, he did not acquire any injuries, and safety crews immediately arrived to rescue the surfer.

Mick Fanning reacts after being rescued by the water safety team



“It came up and got stuck in my leg rope,” Fanning told “I instantly just jumped away. It kept coming at my board, and I was kicking and screaming. I just saw fins. I didn’t see teeth. I was waiting for the teeth to come at me. I punched it in the back.”

Fanning leapt off his board and attempted to use it as a shield between himself and the predator in a bid to save his life

Mick Fanning being attacked by a shark


The World Surf League didn’t hesitate for a second to cancel the event when  its deputy commissioner Renato Hickel confirmed the presence of two sharks in the water.

Here are the complete videos of Mick Fanning getting attacked by a shark.

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