Time to Try Wave-Free Surfing …This Electric Board Powers Through Calm Waters

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Surfing is usually done along the waves of the most exacting yet aesthetic oceans. But what if you’re in a place where the waters are calm but you just feel the urge to surf? What do you do then?

Well, there’s no need to worry, because you can now surf without the need of any waves. Yes, that’s right, wave-free surfing is actually a thing right now. Though it might not give the same thrill as the actual surfing, with huge waves and all that, it’s still a fun way to enjoy yourself while you’re in the water.

onean surfboard

Onean, a Spanish surf company, has revealed two models, the Manta and Carver, subsequently designed for serious surfers to maneuver across calm waters and to allow more casual water sports enthusiasts to easily explore motionless surface in remote areas.

These new battery-powered boards allow the user to cruise rivers, canals, and lakes, without the formerly  critical ingredient: waves. It can be used for extreme water sports or for a calm and occasional journey.

surf remote stream lake


The Blade, which is a third model, is already in production, but specifics about the board are yet to be unveiled. Every version has speed controls tied to a handheld remote and optional foot slots for greater traction.

surf electric battery board

The Manta is slightly wider and slower, which makes it perfect for cruising. On the other hand, the Carver has a speed of around 5 miles per hour, has an interchangeable onboard battery powering an axial water pump, and it owes its look to the classic longboard.

surfboard remote demo

The slower variant’s battery life has more energy storage, letting the user to have up to two hours of travel and gives way for more grandiose explorations. The battery life of the faster variant lasts for only 20 minutes, but you can always swap it with a spare battery.

surf without waves




surfboard close up

Electric boards could open the door to new sports for the landlocked but water-covered places, like the Land of 10,000 Lakes of Minnesota, aside from its obvious coastal uses.

Watch the video below.


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