Watch This Woman Almost Got Killed After Running Out in Front of a Speeding Train


A woman narrowly avoided becoming road kill on the train tracks when she ran in front of a speeding train at level crossing.

The unbelievable moment was caught on camera by a train spotter, who filmed the outbound express train approaching Edgebrook Metra Station in Chicago, Illinois.

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As seen in the video, the train was speeding at 60-70mph  as it approached the station on the Milwaukee North Line. The train was arriving at level crossing with its barriers down and lights flashing, the bell ringing in warning, when the woman decided to take a risk and cross the tracks.

The videographer can only watch in horror as she ran in front of the speeding train and passes through, scaring the driver who with no doubt thought he was going to plough into her – he did what he could do, by blowing the horn as the lights flashed.

The woman, who appeared to have been holding a phone in her hand, was seen briefly turning to look at the train before she skipped off its path. The video maker said that the train was around 10-20 feet away from her when she passed the tracks, had she crossed a split second later, she would have been hit and killed by the impact.

The incident reportedly had the driver apply the emergency brake, which made the train stop shortly just after it passed the crossing. While the video only recently grabbed attention, it was in fact captured last year when it was posted online by a video agency called Junkin.

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