10 Futuristic Architectural Marvels …What Will Our Future Look Like?



People from the past would be stunned in awe if they get to see the marvelous architectural designs of our current infrastructure. Even people in the current age find some designs striking. How much more is in store for the next generation? Humans are always innovating, moving forward into the pinnacle of revolution, so we can barely wait to see how it turns out!

Here are 10 examples of astounding architectural prototypes that seem far-fetched for now but will hopefully reach materialization in the coming years. The future may overwhelm you.

Floating Ecopolis

These futuristic-looking hovering pods called Hydrogenase are hydrogen-producing floating farms that will supply the city directly beneath it with energy.

Iceberg Living Station

David Garcia Studio’s concept is to hollow out an enormous iceberg and build a research base inside it for researchers while a tourist inn for visitors.

Cloud Nine

Buckminster Fuller presented this concept to a wealthy client who requested for it. These gigantic domes are either tethered or free-floating or maneuverable to adapt climatic adversities or environmental disasters. They are aimed to serve as temporary shelters.

Dyson Sphere

This megastructure is conceived for the sole purpose of harvesting the power from a star. An array of solar panels will surround a star or most probably our sun to serve as a renewable source of energy.


Shkadov Thruster

Here is another megastructure that is expected to help us navigate the sun and thus the entire solar system. It is basically a humongous concave mirror that would be placed near the sun and would act as a cup that would push the sun in different direction.



Matrioshka Brain

This concept is based on the Dyson Sphere and is another hypothetical megastructure built around the sun. It would still harness the sun’s energy, but instead of using it as an industrial power supply, the harvested power will be fed to a hyper-computer with immense computational capabilities. The application of the hyper-computer, as proposed by some novelists, is to upload the entire human consciousness into the extremely large computer and generate alternate universes or even virtual-reality environment.


The Soundscraper

This revolutionary structure transforms noise pollution in large cities into clean energy. The Soundscraper absorbs auditory vibrations in well-industrialized places and converts it into electricity that would then power the city.


Tower Infinity

South Korea has green-lighted the construction of a soaring skyscraper that can become invisible. Using state-of-the-art LED technology and high-definition cameras, Tower Infinity is set to disappear.


Propagate Skyscraper

Here’s another eco-friendly structure. The Propagate Skyscraper transforms toxic greenhouse gases in polluted cities into expendable building materials. As this clever skyscraper gets taller, the more carbon dioxide it solidifies. You can say this building is going to build itself.

Migrant Skyscraper

It is basically a giant tire with a building in between its halo. In other words, it’s a moving structure built for freedom. These self-sufficient rolling monstrosities are created to make nomadic migration a possibility if the future environment of a settlement makes it hard to sustain life. The Migrant Skyscrapers can also be of great help for places prone to civil wars and coup d’etat.