10 of the Most Breathtaking Routes in the World



Plenty of travel destinations nowadays offer something more than just wonderful views. The tourist attractions today are now boasting of a variety of breathtaking rides that allows guests to enjoy a whole new travel experience, while taking them from one place to another. So, if you ever plan to go on a vacation any time soon, make sure you plan not just the place you want to go, but also how you plan to get there.

Below, we present you 10 of the most impressive and panoramic rides you should try at some point in your life:

1. Serra Verde Express in Parana, Brazil

Every year, more than 150,000 travelers ride this train to witness a picturesque view. The journey of this train lasts up to three hours and it connects the Paranagua and Curitiba regions. The train runs 24/7, all year long.

2. The Seven Mile Bridge in Florida, USA

With a total length of 7 miles, this beautiful bridge in Florida, USA, stretches over a blue coral archipelago. This connects Knight’s Key to Little Duck Key and vice versa. If you plan to visit here in April, the bridge will be closed for a few hours to give way to a yearly marathon.



3. Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, California, USA

Opened in 1932, the arch bridge is located about 120 miles outside of San Francisco. It has a height of 320 feet above the sea level, giving you a beautiful view of the ocean waters.

4. The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

The Stuart family cultivated the giant trees in the Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland way back in the 18th century. They did it to have a unique entrance to their home. Today, the trees continue to grow, which then creates a creepy tunnel similar to that you hear in fairy tale stories.

5. The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

Stretching over five miles long, the Atlantic Ocean Road looks like a wave that runs over the Norwegian Sea. If you wish to pay the country a visit during Autumn, you might be lucky enough to see giant waves tossing and splashing onto the road. The road was built to connect Averoy Island to the mainland Elde. Anyone can travel on this road. But, you still have to rent a car.



6. Maeklong Railway in Samut Songkhram, Thailand

Over the years, this 42-mile journey from Bangkok to Maeklong has become a famous tourist attraction. The reason this train is different from the others is that it runs through the Maeklong Market eight times a day. Every time the train passes, vend0rs keep their stands away until the train gets out of their sight. By then, business gets back to normal.

7. Sylvenstein Bridge in Upper Bavaria, Germany

Located in the Karwendel Alps in Upper Bavaria, Germany, the Sylenstein Bridge is among the world’s most scenic bridges, boasting gorgeous views of Isar Valley.



8. Rhaetian Railway in Switzerland

When you travel through Switzerland on the Rhaetian Railway, you get to see a lot of World Heritage Sites protected by UNESCO. Regardless of what time of the year it may be, the train ride features the most beautiful journey, which include tall bridges, endless tunnels, and beautiful natural views.

9. Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, USA

When you travel alongside the stunning shoreline of Lake Michigan, you get to enjoy the most incredible urban landscape of America, as well as the country’s biggest lakes. This drive travels through U.S. Highway 41, and some other bridges that are connected to the city.



10. The Jacobite, Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Between May 12 and October 24, the famous steam train in Scotland leaves from Fort William to Mallaig and vice versa. The travel boasts amazing views of mountainsides, the Glenfinnan viaduct, the Scottish Highlands, and some historic towns.


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