Here are 12 Of The Most Haunted Churches In The World …Prepare to Get Chills


Going to church is supposed to make us refreshed spiritually. But with these twelve churches that are haunted year round by congregations of the undead, we doubt you’d even want to step inside.


St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

If you want to experience supernatural happenings while in the United States, New Orleans is the place to go. Its biggest cathedral is not exempt from the ghostly drama. It is believed that two voodoo priestesses and six murder victims were buried somewhere on the grounds of the cathedral. The six victims had a particularly gruesome entrance into the church’s lore and grounds and were left rotting on the church steps in the 1960s. The church took the responsibility of burying the bodies; however, the spirits of the bodies are said to have not found their peaceful rests yet—even until now.


The Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Clophill, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Believed to be an actual gateway to hell, St. Mary’s was built backwards by devil worshippers and was designed to be a place of worship for black magic. The original church was ruined, but a new one was built next door. Both are known to be plagued by body snatchers desecrating the graves of the churchyard.


Old Rock Church, St. Olaf, Texas, USA

After Old Rock Church was deserted in 1917, no living services were held in it. There is no concrete evidence of any murder that took place in the church, but it is believed that the ghosts simply turned up all on their own to the abandoned church. Visitors to the church have reported seeing lights, hearing voices, and an eerie choir filling its rafters.


Christ Church, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

This National Historical Landmark was recently included in the records of haunted church properties in the world. This was the church where George Washington and Robert E. Lee went to do their worship. It is also the burial spot for dozens of Union and Confederate soldiers who died during the Civil War. Basically, it was a nice, old church, until photographs capturing supernatural figures lurking around the cemetery gates came along.


National Cathedral, Washington, DC, USA

In 1946, the National Cathedral library became a scene for a murder that haunts every nook and cranny of the building. People believe that the ghost of Pres. Woodrow Wilson also roams around the halls and rooms at night, tapping his cane on the ground as he hovers around.



St. Paul Chapel, New York, USA

Because of its proximity to the Broadway district in New York, the St. Paul Chapel has been frequently visited by many actors before and after a show, which is why it’s not surprising that its tiny cemetery is said to be haunted by the ghost of a headless actor.


Chapel of the Cross, Mannsdale, Mississippi, USA

The Chapel of the Cross does not have a crowd of ghosts lingering in it because basically, there are only two maiden ghosts haunting it. The first is that of a governess who was burned to death in a local house fire in the nineteenth century. The second is a young man who lost her fiancée to a duel before he lost his own life. Whether the two knew each other when they were alive is uncertain, but apparently, the two have become friends in the afterlife.


Most Holy Trinity Church, Brooklyn, New York, USA

One of the ghosts in the Most Holy Trinity Church had grown fond of turning the lights on and off unexpectedly. Another ghost’s antics is to leave bloody hand prints on the bell tower. Ghostly voices have also been heard in the church hallways. The troublesome spirits are said to belong to that of a former pastor and bell ringer who were murdered on site.


Egg Hill Church, Centre County, Pennsylvania, USA

This early nineteenth-century church got off to a bad start when one of its first ministers killed his entire congregation right inside during a church service before killing himself. Now visitors who visit the structure find the church painted over with pentacles, bloody hand prints, and other dark marks. The church bells ring at random, often in the middle of the night when no one is in the building. Aside from these ghastly sights and stories, some guests have also experienced being physically pulled and pushed, usually toward the terrifying basement where the villainous priest presumably held his hellish court.


St. Nicholas Church, Pluckley, United Kingdom

St. Nicholas Church is home to a solitary lady ghost, locally known as the Red Lady Derring, who doesn’t like to make friends. Several other spirits are believed to haunt the cemetery around this village church, yet it is this spooky lady ghost who can spook other spirits away.



St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Key West, Florida, USA

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church comes alive when the day turns dark with its nightly ghost ball. It is supposed to have the largest cast of diverse ghosts, including an old sea captain, a late Renaissance explorer, and a handful of puny, tragedy-stricken child ghosts. Apparently though, they don’t present themselves in any corporeal form. The ghostly balls come in the form of lights zooming round the church grounds and willingly appearing in guest’s photographs.


Borley Church, Essex, United Kingdom

Borley Church has always been known to be one of the most haunted spots on earth. Over the years, people believe the church has been haunted by generations of ghosts. Guests frequently hear serenades of organ music and catch sight of mysterious ghostly lights. Paranormal investigators claim to have caught the ghosts of Borley on film, most famously that of a monk leafing through an ancient book in the ball hall of the church.


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