15 Most Popular Toys of the ’90s – Do You Remember These?



The ’90s was a decade of simple yet great toys. Back then, kids were simply happy just by playing with less technologically advanced toys, such as the tamagotchis and board games, which is completely opposite to the generation today, where everybody enjoys their past-time surfing the Internet using their iPhones, tablets, and smartphones. But, among all toys created during the 1990s, there are a few that made a mark in the lives of people. Below are some of the most memorable:


Power Rangers

Creepy Crawlers Bugmaker

Talk Boy Tape Recorder

Batcave Command Center



Moon Shoes

Laser Tag


Sound Bites




Super Soaker 50

Power Jeep

Tiger Electronic Diary

Tiger Electronic Games

Fisher Price Skates



Check out these other cool ’90s toys worth remembering:


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