15 Scariest Urban Legends Straight From Your Nightmares


Stories have circulated all over the Web — most of them funny and heartwarming. But for those who seek some thrill and scare, we have gathered the most terrifying tales of normal people in ordinary situations that suddenly take an unexpected turn.

These stories will give you the creeps which will ruin your peaceful nights of sleep, as they are derived from your deepest and darkest nightmares of your life. True or not, they are enough to send chills down your spine, and scare the panties off of you.

Here are 15 creepypastas to give you the nightmares.

1.  “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?”

A girl went home to find her roommate asleep. She didn’t turn on the lights as she doesn’t want to disturb her, only to discover the next day that her roommate was bathing in blood, and scrawled across the wall of their dorm room with blood was “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?”

It turns out that a murderer was lurking behind the shadows of the room as she walked in.


2.  The Russian Sleep Experiment

After the Second World War ended, five inmates were confined in an airtight chamber for an experiment with regard to sleep deprivation. Researchers have promised them their freedom if they could stay awake for 30 days straight without a wink of sleep. They were exposed to extremely powerful stimulant gas to keep them awake.

They were garnering satisfying result on the first couple of days, but the succeeding days went horribly wrong.


3.  The Hook Man

A teenage boy and girl went into a dark and deserted lovers’ lane to have a special time to themselves. He turned the radio on to set the mood, and they started making out. After a couple of minutes, the music was cut off, and a public announcement took over saying that a murderer was on the loose, which is last spotted half-mile away from their location. The perpetrator can be easily identified as he has a hook for a hand.

Due to their fear, they compromised to go home instead, and when he dropped his girlfriend in her home, they were both terrified to find a bloody hook dangling from the car’s door handle.


4.  “Have you checked the children?”

A married couple hired a babysitter to look after their children. When they called from the restaurant and said that they were going home late, the babysitter tucked the children to sleep. Moments later, she received a series of mysterious calls from an unidentified man constantly asking her to “check the children.” She came to a horrible realization that the call was coming from inside the house, after she called 911 and the dispatcher traced where the call was.

When the police have entered the house, they were horrified to discover that the man was covered in blood from murdering all the children.


5.  Bloody Mary

There are many versions that relate to Bloody Mary,  but it all goes the same way. A gory image of a girl will be seen in the mirror when you attempt to say “Bloody Mary” 13 times in front of it while holding a candle during midnight. She will then proceed to slit your throat and wrist, after she had poked your eyes out.

According to the legend, Mary was a beautiful young girl, and she admired herself in the mirror every single day. But, a terrible accident, left her face disfigured for life — such an unbearable sight to see. In the fear that Mary would lose her mind, her parents decided to take away the mirrors.

One night, out of curiosity, Mary went to peek in the mirror to see her appearance. After learning what had happened to her once beautiful face, she vowed to find her old reflection, and kill anyone who stands in her way.





6.  The Clown Statue

A girl was tasked to babysit for a bunch of children as their parents were away. When the kids were finally asleep, she too went to turn into bed in the room assigned to her. But sleep seems to elude her due to the clown statue standing right beside her bed. The sinister smile on her face gave her the creeps, so she just decided to watch television to pass her thoughts, but it did no good.

When she called the father of the  children to explain her current predicament, the man told him to call 911 and go next door without telling her anything. After she had followed through the instructions, she called him again, and this time, the father told her that they do not own a clown statue.


7.  The Killer in the Backseat

A woman was out for a drink with her friends one night, and she left the bar early. As she drove back to her home, she noticed that a car was following her. Out of fear, she decided to drive as fast as she can to drive away from the mysterious stranger. But what happens is far more creepier than what she thought.


8.  People Can Lick, Too

One stormy night, a girl was alone in their big house with only the family dog as her only company. Her parents had to leave for the night to run an errand, and they will be back by first light tomorrow. Before they left, her mom and dad advised her to lock all the doors and windows all over the house. She did secured all the entry ways, but a window in a basement which has a broken lock.

When the girl went to bed around midnight, she reached for the edge of the bed, and the dog licked her hand. Then, she dozed off to sleep.

At around 2:30, she was awakened by the unsettling sound of a dripping liquid from an unknown location. She thought that it was just the faucet from the sink that she did not turn off properly. However, she was frightened because of the eerie sound that it makes, so she again reaches for the dog, and sure enough, the pet licked her hands.

By the time 3:45 came around, the dripping sound woke her up again. Angry about the disturbance that it makes, she put her hand once again to the location of the dog, where the canine licked it.

It was morning when her parents finally arrived, and she was excited as someone can now fix the broken faucet. But as she went into the bathroom, she was in horror as the dog was hanged from a hook, and its blood was the dripping sound that keeps waking her up at night. Also, written across the mirror with blood was the words “Humans can lick, too.”


9.  Premature Burial

An old woman has died after a coma of several days. Her husband kept on insisting that his wife wasn’t dead. He had to be taken away by several people to pry him off her. Up to the moment of burial, he fiercely fought as he said that his wife was not gone. Eventually, they had to sedate him for the burial to continue.

After the incident, the old man kept having nightmares of her wife who was eagerly trying to scratch her way out of the coffin, and everyday, he begged the doctor to exhume the body. When he finally gave in to the old man’s want, it is already too late — the woman’s nails were significantly bent and broken, while scratch marks are seen in the coffin.


10.  The Boyfriend’s Death

A couple was on their way home, when their car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. The guy stepped outside to get help, and told he would get some help. To be safe, the girl locked the door. After patiently waiting for some time, a shadow emerged from the woods, and the girl saw a crazed-looking man.

The man then showed her what he was holding on his right hand — the decapitated head of her boyfriend. She screamed in horror, but she realized that she was safe as the car doors were locked.

However, the man raised his left hand, only to reveal that he had the keys to the car.





11.  The Deadly Hairdo

Back in the olden days, beehive hairdos were popular, and a girl decided to wash her hair in sugar water to keep it hard, as she was tired of styling and teasing her hair for hours every single day to achieve a maximum style. At night, she would cover her hair in towel to keep in in place.

One morning, when she failed to come down for breakfast, her mother went up to her room, only to find her dead in her bed. It turned out that she did from poisonous spider bites that have been nesting in her hard hairdo.


12.  The Killer in the Window

A girl was enjoying a night of television, when she noticed a man peeking out the window. She screamed in a deafening shrill as she grabbed a blanket, and called the police.

When the cops came, they investigated at the window where she saw the man for footprints as it was a snowy season. When they didn’t find any tracks, they went inside and noticed wet shoe prints on the floor.

They have come to a realization that the man standing in the window was actually a reflection of him as he stood at the back of the girl.


13. The Choking Doberman

A man and his wife came home late from a night of dinner and drinking at a club. They were both greeted by their large doberman, who they have noticed to be choking. The man fainted, but the wife called a veterinary friend to perform a surgery on their dog. The doctor agreed, and she drove and dropped their pet into his house.

When she got home, it took her thirty minutes to get her husband upstairs as he was pretty drunk. It is then when she heard a call. When she answered the phone, the voice of the vet on the other side of the line seems worried. he instructed them to get out of the house, as he found out that the thing that has been choking the dog was a human thumb.

As they went out, the police arrived, and they have arrested a bearded man in the bedroom with a profusely bleeding hand.


14.  The Lost Bride

It was a perfect day for a beautiful wedding back in 1975. After the ceremony, the newly weds proceeded with their reception. For fun, the groom arranged a game of hide-and-seek.

When it commenced, everyone was excited for it. The game went on and on, until everyone was found, except for the bride.

They searched all over the place, but to no avail. Eventually, the groom filed a report for a missing person. Weeks passed and she was never found.

Heartbroken, he decided to move on with his life, believing that his new bride ran away from him.

Three years later, a cleaning lady discovered an old trunk sitting in the attic of the mansion where the wedding took place. When she opened it, the smell of a decaying body filled up the entire place.

Turns out, it was the bride who had accidentally locked herself inside the trunk where she died from suffocation, as suggested by the horror of the decomposing screaming face.


15.  The Breast Infestation

A woman from Zimbabwe returned from her expedition, and later developed a rash on her right breast. She ignored it as she concluded that it was just a simple skin rash, and it would go away on its own.

She began to consult a doctor when she felt intense pains and from the multiple rashes, which became holes in her chest. It has been infected over time, and finally, they have seen larvae growing out of the holes. They have been feeding from the breast’s fat, tissue, and even milk canals.

Good luck sleeping tight tonight!





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