150-Year-Old Porcelain Warehouse Invites People for an All-You-Can-Carry Treasure Hunt


Kouraku Kiln company in Arita, Japan, has been in the business of ceramic production since 1865. Given the number of years since they opened, their warehouse is full of unsold porcelain, so massive that it’s hard for its employees to keep track of what they have inside their store.

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So they came up with this clever idea of getting rid of all those items—by treasure hunting.

The customers can choose from the company’s stock of over 100,000 items. For an entrance fee of $45, people can take whatever treasure they like, as much as they can carry. And for another $90, you’ll get to see their large collection of beautifully painted ceramics.

One thing, though, you need to call first for reservation since they accommodate only 10 people every day.

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